Sunny Life Care Notes

Store Your Float In A Dry, Cool Place.

Most of our floats are made from super durable 0.20-0.30mm, Phthalate free PVC that can withstand some pretty crazy weather. However, even the hardiest of materials don’t like being exposed to the elements 24/7.

We recommend that once you’re done enjoying your float, you deflate it (our pumps can help with that), dry it off, and store in a cool, dry place.

Keeping your float inflated over night won’t be a disaster, but we recommend that you avoid storing them in direct sunlight for long periods of time. This way, your new float friend can hang around for as long as possible!

Keep Your Float Clean

Salt and chlorine can have a detrimental effect on most materials, so we recommend that you give your float a rinse off in fresh water after use and put it out to air dry. No soap needed, just keep it simple and your new float friend will stay looking brand-new for much longer.


Did you know... Our pumps inflate AND deflate.

Inflation Instructions

Attach your chosen nozzle to the opening on the side of the pump. Switch on and inflate for your best summer yet.

Deflation Instructions 

Attach your chosen nozzle to the opening on the top of the pump. Switch on and let your float friend deflate and wait for your next day out.